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Do you have a web site which is performing poorly on the internet? Do you feel that your present SEO firm Internet Firm or Web marketing efforts could do better? Chances are your gut feeling is right. AiMIYo specializes in finding the solution that is right for you and your budget. We have found many times the most obvious SEO fundamentals have been overlooked for people paying a high price for these services. Many times we can make simple suggestions which will make all the differences in the world.

Example 1:
Recently we were asked by a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon to look at his web sites and why he would he could not find this site in google listing in the first ten pages. Within 24 hours Aimiyo found his higly paid web site developer was using duplicate content on many of his designs for plastic surgeons. As a result Google had placed his web site in the never never land of the internet. We were shocked at the blatant disregard for the standard SEO procedure in this case.

Example 2:
We were asked to evaluate a small real estate firms internet marketing effort. When we looked at the company's web site we found that it was not live on line. When we inquired as to why, she told us that her internet guy told her that "french hackers" had brought it down. When we asked why it had been a month and the site was still down, she responded that these hackers had caused the delay. Apparently her internet guy had convinced her of this since he for some reason had not the time or inclination to bring the site back up. This almost unbelievable story was accepted by the client.

Aimiyo seeks to maintain the highest professional standards and promote these standards. As an unregulated industry unethical practices are widely found across the internet. Our consulting service may save you a lot of money, time and wasted efforts for a small fee.

Many of our consulting clients continue with their present firm, after a good and fresh look at their internet marketing by AiMiYo. We may simply bring a new perspective which will be implemented by your present firm. If they are operating within widely accepted standards they should welcome an outside review if they truly have their clients interest at heart they will appreciate such help.

We will be happy to work with your present firm simply as advisors. We are experts with years of experience at evaluating internet marketing needs of a company from the local, national or international perspective. Our consulting service can evaluate your present efforts and make recommendations that are suited for your budget and reach for the results you want to obtain. Many times we find that just a few inexpensive changes are all that is needed. Contact us so we may discuss your needs.