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Rich Media Email Campaigns

You can enhance your brand recognition and increase your "top of the mind awareness" for you company with a media rich email marketing campaign. The frequency of of such emails to your customer base should be balanced with your resources and the customer behavior. Will new products or services be announced or will you have a monthly newsletter? These type of campaigns should be planned according to to industry standards. The effectiveness can then be benchmarked and assessment made in an ongoing manner.

Presentation Design

There is nothing more effective than a properly done online presentation for your company's product or service. When done correctly you engage your customer and it becomes a delight for them to learn about your product through the internet. Our graphic artist and marketing team at AiMiYo can help you prepare your presentation in the most convincing and persuasive manner. Your customers and prospects will walk away with a good impression and ready to learn more or buy. magazines

Print Advertising

Are part of your efforts in traditional print media? AiMiYo can design and layout your materials so they work both on the web or as print media. Have a new product or service you want to highlight from school dances to corporate sales meetings? We can design the print media to fit your needs.

Brochure Design

An online brochure or one that your customer takes home in their hand Aimiyo can design an integrated online and print media campaign in multiple languages for multiple cultures. No other agency can provide the custom solution in the web or print.

Brochure design to fit your overall brand is our specialty.

Campaign Development

In today's adverting market the media we choose in many cases should not be isolated to one type or another. AiMiYo can help integrate your marketing for the web with the many other avenues such as television, radio and print. This integration or holistic approach needs a firm that understands the web as well as traditional media. Add to that AiMiYo's cross border marketing advantage and you have a winner.