graphic design

E-Commerce & Content Management Systems


E-Commerce sites can be real money makers if they do well. Products are sold with the click of a button. The secret to a good E-Commerce site is ease of use and of course it has to be found on the web and maintain that good search engine rank. AiMiYo uses custom programming techniques which can be proprietary or "out of the box" . We look for solutions which will gain you rank and at the same time foster the urge to "click now" on a product or service. AiMiYo's cross border SEO techniques can bring you a much wider customer base than you thought possible.

CMS | Content Management Systems

If you are an online publisher or a business which constantly changes its content, a cms system maybe a solution for you. These packages with customized graphics appear as a normal web site but their features in the back end are rich with publishing tools. Video, pictures, news articles , chat rooms all the trimmings are possible if that is your desire. These designs by AiMiYo are easy to learn so you can publishing online anything from recipes, to newspapers to interactive informational sites. Ask about our add on cms systems for a small business or large. These can enhance your web presence with fresh content any time you like. They will really add to your SEO.