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Graphic Design Services

Aimiyo offers a full range of high end graphic design services to meet every need. Our services include graphic design for both print and digital media. It is our diverse expertise across the entire marketing spectrum that allows us to deliver integrated solutions that truly work. Aimiyo takes great pride in offering an integrated family of marketing solutions spanning interactive new media to print and online marketing.

Website Graphics | Flash Header Design | Presentation Graphics | Interactive Media
Animation | Multimedia | Interface Design (UI) | Brochure Design | Print Advertising
Business Cards | Logo Development | Letterhead | Signage | Package Design

Rich Media Email Campaigns

A comprehensive scheduled rich email campaign can be a powerful way to find new business, get repeat business, announce a special or an event or just remind people what a wonderful product or service you offer. With access to an email database and a targeted email campaign with one click you can reach out to thousands upon thousands of potential customers. With modern computers it is now easier than ever to create a compelling rich media email solution that drives business. With the effectiveness of print advertising on the decline you are faced with looking for more ways to market your business other than the internet. Rich media email campaigns drive traffic to your site with a high return on investment.

Presentation Design

If your looking for a more impactful training video or powerpoint presentation then you need to contract a professional company to do this. It can be all too difficult for a novice to produce a truly polished powerful presentation. We take your presentation text and combine graphics and video to create the truly high-end presentation that you need.magazines

Print Advertising

Although there is less and less need these days for print advertising. For many companies it still works. Wether it is newspaper ads, magazine advertising or full page color yellow page ads we can facilitate your needs. Don't allow the local paper to design your latest ad unless you want to throw away your money and come across to your customers as low budget. You need a professional, clean advertisement that will raise you up in the eyes of your potential customers.

Brochure Design

Aimiyo is highly skilled at producing low cost high impact full color brochures for your company. There are a million ways to design develop and produce a brochure but there are only a few ways that result in a cheap, beautiful high-end brochure. We can provide you with 4-color press or digital press options.