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Aimiyo develops custom, creative high-end web sites that serve your purpose - driving quality traffic to your web site that increases your leads and conversions. Aimiyo is a full service high-end, rich media online marketing company with your best interests in mind. We know that only by increasing your business can we increase our own. We seek to completely outdo your competition, increase sales, raise ROI, and focus your long term marketing strategy. We do this through integrated development.

Integrated Web Development - Unity in Design, Code & SEO

Most web sites you find on the internet are not integrally developed web sites, meaning they are either developed by a programmer, a designer or a search marketing professional. This produces a web site that is weak in one or more of these 3 areas. Most web sites that rank high are developed by programmers or search marketing experts, but they are usually very boring and uninteresting to look at. Most aesthetically pleasing web sites are obviously developed by artists, which are almost always weak in SEO and programming structure. Aimiyo believes in developing a web site strong in each of these areas with the idea that it is requisite to any strong online marketing strategy. Integral web development demands expert knowledge in all 3 areas (code, seo, design) and unites each element with the utmost continuity and congruency. The reason this kind of web design is so difficult is that it requires many years of experience and practice for an individual or organization to become an expert in any one of these areas. Welcome to Aimiyo. We develop a user experience based on client needs and customer demographics.

Custom Web Design Strategy

Our development team puts great emphasis on research and analysis (products, services, marketing, competition, industry & market trends) before any real design or development takes place. Any business must honestly realize it's current situation, market status and also it's competition. "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster." Sun Wu Tzu - Chinese Military Strategist. Aimiyo specializes in Professional Web site Development | Multilingual Web sites | E-Commerce | Corporate Web sites | Online Marketing for Plastic Surgeons | Social Community Based Web sites | Online Directories.