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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

AiMiYo's research into keywords for your web site digs very deep and is mutilevel and cross cultural. Our SEO teams spend many hours isolating the words and phrases which will bring your site the most traffic. The rersearch begins with gaining a full understanding of your business. We then process who your customers are from both a demographic and web behavior perspective. This in depth and detailed process is key. The subtilties of such phrases and their word order can have a a profund impact on your traffic.

To illustrate this detail consider the words "facelift and face lift" there is a significant difference in the amount of traffic these keywords will produce no matter which is correct or incorrect. Other examples are "condo in bangkok" verses "apartment in Bangkok" or in word order such as"Bangkok Condo" or "Condo Bangkok" which all have serious implications when it comes to search volume. It is these subtilties which AiMIYo will sort out and our SEO's will leave no detail unoticed.

High Traffic Keywords versus High Conversion Keywords

So much is made about website traffic that it is sometimes the say all and end all of a websites measure of success. This couldn't be any further from the truth. There has to be a strong understanding of what keywords will bring you traffic and which will bring you business. You ultimately want to dominate both as any sophisticated multilevel strategy will enable you to do.

Google's Udi Manber once said in a keynote that "20 to 25% of the queries we see today, we have never seen before." This peek into the realm of vast diversity on the internet is all one needs to confirm the power of long tail keywords versus the default highly competitive terms. On average, the basic or general terms may only yield window shoppers, while the long tail terms produce the buyers. A site which produces 50% more conversions with half the traffic is much more valuable, and this is usually the case. The sites that draw the bulk of the traffic are merely serving the individuals who are still in the research stage in regards to their search queries.

Keyword Strategy

The best strategy is to determine which keywords draw what type of user. A buyer should be able to pull the trigger on a conversion and have that critical information needed to do so, from both an editorial, technical and usability standpoint. Likewise, someone who is further up the funnel should be treated as such. They should be given all the tools and resources to fulfill their needs, which is to answer much needed questions and alleviate any concerns about a product or service.

Culture, Language & Keywords

Words are not the only factors which determine if your web site is to be found. Words are an integral part, yet not the entire process. The cultural clues and understanding required to make for a true international website are just as important. The web site and the keywords and phrases must be a reflection of the culture you are trying to appeal to. This is one of AiMiYo's strengths which is the ability to design and impliment a cross border appeal. Our comprehensive key word and key phrase research will look at every conceivable angle and perspective from language, to word order and culture. This is why keywords and phrases at AiMiYo are taken extremely seriously with specialists in these areas of language and culture.