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Link Building Strategies & Services

The Internet Popularity Contest

It is a widely accepted fact that links to your website have become extremely important and essential to any strong web presence. Google, Yahoo and most every search engine promotes the idea or concept of natural link building. This essentially (and unfortunately) means acquiring links in a slow, tedious, uncomfortable and awkward manner. This is also a rule put into place mathematically to try and discourage individuals from just buying a 1000 links (usually from spammy, worthless, infected, blackhat sites with no true substance or relevance). The fact is you must build and have links. Good relevant links from established websites with strong unique content that truly contributes to the internet.

What kind of links do you need?

Back links, reciprocal links, one way links, banner links, blog links, directory links, anchor tags, magazines and media links, internal links, external links, links links links. The internet is much like a highschool popularity contest. Who is the prettiest, who is the smartest, who has the nicest things and of course...who has the most friends. Links on the internet work much the same way. Find any highly ranked website and you can guarantee that they have lots of links.

Link Building Campaigns - Going the Extra MIle

Links building is arguably one of the most difficult and excruciating tasks to undertake in regards to promoting your website. Like most seo, or like any business marketing for that matter, your efforts should never stop. Links building should be relatively ongoing, and it is this difficult in the trenches work along with granular search analysis that will push you beyond your competitors. This slow grunt work is the last mile most your cometitors refuse to walk. Don't be fooled by quick fixes, dont spend money on 1000's of relevant links that are going to push you up the listings for 3 months and then get you penalized and bury you forever. There are tried and true methods for building the vast majority of links that any strong web presence requires. Aimiyo has gone to great lengths to develop proprietary technology and methods to naturally acquire the whitehat links that your site needs. Aimiyo also understands that not only are attaining and managing these links important, but leveraging your own links is just as important.