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Paid listings on Google, Yahoo and Bring are the subscriptions one pays to list their web sites on the major search engines. This can be an effective way to have your web site arrive at the top of the page. Its not as simple as it appears, as these positions can Ave very competitive and costly. It is not unheard of for a major corporation to spend millions of dollars a year for its paid listings. So when managed improperly, this can waste $10,000, $20000, $30000 or more a year, this will hurt even a large corporation. The small business of course may only have a budget of $500 a month or less for paid web advertising, so even a small amount dollars wasted may make a huge difference.

Yet Paid Per Click or PPC as its known in the field can increase your return on your investment when done correctly. When not it can be a bottomless pit pouring cash into a hole. If your return on investment is not what you think we may be able to help. We can find those profitable terms, niches and arrange time slots or other demographics in which your add appears to maximize your advertising dollars.

As with any consultants or employees, AiMiYo paid per click management should earn its keep. This means we should be able to save more than our fee as compared to you doing it yourself. How ,we do this is through the techniques we have developed over many years of managing paid per click budgets. Call or email us today about these services they can only save you money and increase your earnings.