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SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Why do I need a professional SEO company?

The days of putting up a shingle and buying a yellow page listing are long since over. Most businesses cannot expect to be profitable or grow and compete in todays digital marketplace without giving strong attention towards their search ranking. It is only within the last 5-7 years that the majority of business owners finally realized they need a website. The savvy businessmen realized this 10 years ago. Then years later, it wasn't enough to just have a website. It had to be an intuitive professionally designed website, branded and aesthetically pleasing, useful and informative. Now, welcome to the new digital marketplace where the rules for marketing your business have changed yet again. If you want to sell a product or service it isn't enough anymore to just have a nice website. Your website (in conjunction with all your marketing efforts) must be optimized for the search engines, your industry, and your customer demographics.

What does it mean to optimize my website?

SEO generally consists of an amalgamation of many elements: code (code types & structures), design (landing pages & aesthetics), content (keywords & frequent updates), links (internal & external) and lastly, thorough analysis. SEO is not meant to be and usually cannot achieve any measure of success as a one shot deal. Your optimization efforts must be ongoing and constantly adjusting to market circumstances and competitors. Only by analysis, appropriate reactions and monitoring can a business realize the powerful benefits of search optimization. For the majority of businesses there must be constant diligent analysis and precise action to truly dominate or even compete on the internet. An expert SEO firm should bring you higher ranking & more quality traffic. Higher search ranking & quality traffic = higher conversion rate and better ROI.

What does SEO cost?

Many businesses already have a website that is only partially optimized or not optimized for search engines at all. These individuals will sometimes choose to design a new website to compliment their existing website or opt for a SEO package which consists of a monthly contract that includes ongoing custom analysis and adjustments to code, links and strategy. These adjustments can vary widely from minor changes to catapult a business out of mediocrity, or huge sweeping changes to pull a business up off the ground floor. Aimiyo offers free custom SEO and marketing consultations for its customers so that they can be more well informed of their situation and needs.