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Social Media & Search Marketing

What exactly is social media?

Social media concerns the web sites involved in social interactions such as those seen in Face Book, Linked-In, Myspace, and the many other social interaction web sites. These web sites have extremely large memberships and there is somewhat of a captive audience. This can be used for getting the buzz out about your business.

The so called viral marketing makes its home among these sites. Youtube for example with the right video and a little luck can take your web site from 200 hits a day to over 2 million. We have observed this before and its one of the reasons social media is popular.

Blogging as Social Media

Many businesses dont have a blog presence, much less an highly optimized, branded blog with a clear strategy. Every business has its resident experts in regards to that industry or business. It is all too easy to share some of that experience and industry knowledge on a blog. These blogs, full of insider secrets are sometimes a treasure trove of long tail terms that can potentially draw and refer a significant amount of traffic. In this sense, a blog is perhaps the most useful and cost effective choice for any business to get their feet wet in the social media space. Very often businesses overlook the idea of having secondary avenues of drawing traffic to their businesses. There is so much information that many companies should be using to draw business, but that information is often inappropriate to add to their present site. This is where the blog shines. It is not uncommon for a blog if done correctly, within the right niche to draw much more traffic than the sites it is pushing traffic towards.

Do I need to worry about social media?

AiMIYo International can help you find a place in social media if its right for you. This is determined by such factors as the type of products or services and your demographics you have. It is best to determine exactly where your current customers and potential customers are talking about you, and act accordingly.

What is most important is to measure the amount of resources any given company has at its disposal. We will weigh these factors to see the best approach for your company. Many times it is, however there may be better, more cost effective means in time and money. Social media is not for everyone and is time consuming process if done correctly. Contact us for an assessment.